One Stop 100W Gan Charger Factory

ZONSAN is a charger foundry that has been in operation since 2009, with over 150 employees and a 5,000 square meter production facility. With its dedication to charger production and robust R&D and manufacturing capabilities, the company has a daily production capacity of over 10,000 chargers, positioning it as one of the industry's leading manufacturers.

With a product line that includes PD fast chargers, type C chargers, laptop chargers, desktop chargers, and more, ZONSAN is dedicated to meeting the charging needs of all customers. With over 100 models and a development pace of at least 10 new products per year, ZONSAN's products support a wide range of protocols, including QC, PPS, and more, and offer power outputs from 5 watts to 240 watts to suit all needs.

CE, KC, GS, SII, CE, CB, ERP and more certifications have been obtained by ZONSAN. Additionally, ZONSAN can assist customers with specific certification requirements.

With a team of 10 experienced engineers, ZONSAN can provide your with custom 100W GaN charger that are designed to meet your needs.
One Stop 100W Gan Charger Factory

Your Best 100W Gan Charger Oem/Odm

Looking for a reliable OEM/ODM 100W GaN Charger manufacturer? Look no further than ZONSAN! Our company specializes in designing and producing high-quality GaN chargers that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. With options for customized logos, packaging, parameter labels, and charger specifications, you can rest assured that your brand will stand out from the competition. Plus, with our cutting-edge GaN technology, our chargers are more efficient and faster than traditional chargers, saving you time and money. Trust ZONSAN for all your GaN charger needs and take your business to the next level!
Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom 100W Gan Charger

Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom 100W Gan Charger

To ensure that your custom 100W GaN charger meet the highest standards, ZONSAN has purchased a leakage current tester, digital power meter, aging test machine, and salt spray chamber and more. These devices enable ZONSAN to test the charger's electrical safety, power consumption, and resistance to environmental stressors, ensuring that it is safe and reliable for consumers.

Through conducting incoming inspections, aging tests, appearance inspections, repair welding inspections and more, ZONSAN can ensure that your custom 100W GaN charger meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

ISO 9001/ICS/BSCI certification allows ZONSAN to better manage its supply chain and production process.

ZONSAN's production process records are used to track and trace products in the event of a recall or quality issue.

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What You Need To Know About Gan Charger?

GaN, or gallium nitride, is a material that has been increasingly used in the manufacturing of electronic devices, including chargers. GaN chargers offer several advantages over traditional chargers, such as higher power efficiency, smaller size, and lower weight.

One of the key benefits of GaN chargers is their higher power efficiency. This means that they waste less energy, resulting in less heat generation and a longer lifespan. Moreover, GaN chargers can deliver more power with less heat dissipation, allowing for faster charging times and reducing the risk of overheating.

Another advantage of GaN chargers is their smaller size and lower weight. This is because GaN transistors are smaller than traditional silicon-based transistors, allowing for more compact charger designs. This makes them particularly useful for mobile devices, where portability is key.

Finally, GaN chargers have the potential to reduce electronic waste. This is because they last longer than traditional chargers, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Moreover, their smaller size means that they require less material to manufacture, which reduces their environmental impact.

Overall, the adoption of GaN in the charger industry represents a significant advancement in electronic device charging technology. It offers numerous benefits over traditional chargers, including higher power efficiency, smaller size, lower weight, and reduced electronic waste.

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Why Choose ZONSAN?

1. Passed ICS/ISO9001/BSCI quality management system
2. Passed various product certifications including KC/CB/CE/FCC/ROHS
3. Strong R&D team and strict quality control and production process
4. Focusing only on chargers. Provide a variety of chargers from 5w-240w
5. Over 500 satisfied customers from from all over the world.
6. 7*24 hours service

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How To Custom Your 100W Gan Charger?



1. MOQ of Customization: 1000pcs

2. If you are looking for a 100W GaN charger supplier, please contact us right now!

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How to ship my custom 100W GaN charger?
The logistics companies we work with are strong. Currently, depending on your destination and order, we are able to provide options such as air freight, sea freight, express delivery, rail transport and trucking.
Can we make custom 100W GaN charger?
Yes, we support custom logo, package, spec label and more.
Can you offer cable for our 100W GaN charger?
We do not provide cable. However, if you have a need for a charger you can contact our sales to assist in purchasing on your behalf.
What is the warranty of your 100W GaN charger?
The warranty of our charger is one year.
Can you accept retail order?
Sorry, we only do OEM/ODM order.
Can you offer the certifications for our 100W GaN charger?
We make some regular charger certificates every year. If you have special certification needs, we can assist you with fast processing.
What’s the content for product reliability test?
The reliability test include the printing content check and test, impact test , function test, pressure test, fireproof test, salt spray test, aging test, high temperature test, drop test, disassembly test.
What is your MOQ of wholesale 100W GaN charger?
Our MOQ of customization is 1000 pcs. But the sample MOQ can be one.
Which raw materials do u use?
Transformer, PCB, Fuse, Capacitor
What kind of plug type do you have?
How long is the product warranty?
usually 12 months. Long-term customers can negotiate the duration of the warranty.
What’s your standard and process for key SKDs like PCB board?
The standard is GB2828.1-2003 with sampling level Ⅱ with AQL:CR 0, MA 0.25, MI 1.5.
The test content include package, appearance, structure and size, electrical properties, tin test, copper adhesion, fireproof test per the IQC SPI file.