One Stop Gan Usb C Charger Factory

With a focus on charger production and extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ZONSAN is a leading charger foundry established in 2009. The company has over 150 employees and occupies 5,000 square meters, with a daily production capacity of over 10,000 chargers, and is widely recognized as one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

ZONSAN offers a wide range of chargers, including PD fast chargers, GaN chargers, desktop chargers and more. With over 100 different models available and a development speed of at least 10 new products per year, their chargers support multiple protocols such as PD, QC, and PPS, and cover power outputs from 5W to 240W, ensuring a suitable product for every customer.

ZONSAN has achieved CB, CE, KC, ETL, RoHS, REACH, GS and more certifications, as well as the capacity to assist customers in obtaining their GaN usb c charger certifications.

With a team of 10 experienced engineers, ZONSAN can provide your with custom CHARGER that are designed to meet your needs.
One Stop Gan Usb C Charger Factory

Your Best Gan Usb C Charger OEM/ODM

ZONSAN is a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer of Gan Usb C Chargers. They offer customized options including logos, packaging, parameter labels, and charger specifications. ZONSAN's advantage lies in their ability to provide high-quality products that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients. They use the latest technology and materials to ensure that their products are reliable, efficient, and safe to use. With a focus on customer satisfaction, ZONSAN offers flexible and responsive service, fast delivery times, and competitive pricing. Choose ZONSAN for your Gan Usb C Charger needs and experience the benefits of a trusted and reliable partner.
Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom Gan Usb C Charger

Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom Gan Usb C Charger

ZONSAN's quality control team performs regular audits to identify any potential quality issues and address them promptly.

ZONSAN has purchased ATE test system, digital power meter, intertion and extraction life test machine, salt spray chamber and more to enhance their quality control processes. These devices will enable ZONSAN to conduct comprehensive testing of their products' electrical properties, endurance over time, and resistance to environmental factors like salt spray.

Conducting sampling inspections, plug-in inspections, incoming inspections, appearance inspections and more is critical for ZONSAN to ensure that their GaN usb c charger meet customer requirements and are of high quality.

ISO 9001/ICS/BSCI certification provides a framework for ZONSAN to continuously improve its quality management system, ensuring ongoing excellence.
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How To Custom Your Gan Usb C Charger?



1. MOQ of Customization: 1000pcs

2. If you are looking for a GaN usb c charger supplier, please contact us right now!

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Understanding GaN Technology and Its Significance for the Charger Industry

In recent years, Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology has emerged as a promising alternative to traditional silicon-based semiconductor technology. GaN is a wide-bandgap semiconductor material that offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, power density, and size. GaN-based devices have shown remarkable performance in various applications, including power electronics, lighting, and wireless communication.

One industry that has greatly benefited from the use of GaN technology is the charger industry. The demand for fast and efficient charging solutions has been increasing in recent years, and GaN-based chargers have emerged as a solution to address this demand. GaN chargers can deliver higher power output with smaller form factors, making them ideal for charging a wide range of devices, from smartphones to laptops.

One of the key advantages of GaN chargers is their high efficiency. Traditional chargers based on silicon technology often waste a significant amount of energy in the form of heat, resulting in lower efficiency. GaN chargers, on the other hand, can convert more of the input power into usable output power, resulting in less waste and higher efficiency.

Another advantage of GaN chargers is their compact size. GaN-based devices can operate at higher frequencies, allowing for smaller and lighter chargers. This is particularly useful for portable devices, where size and weight are important factors.

Overall, GaN technology has the potential to revolutionize the charger industry, providing faster and more efficient charging solutions for a wide range of devices. As GaN technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative applications of this technology in the future.

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What is your MOQ of wholesale Gan Usb C Charger?
Our MOQ of customization is 1000 pcs. But the sample MOQ can be one.
How to ship my custom Gan Usb C Charger?
The logistics companies we work with are strong. Currently, depending on your destination and order, we are able to provide options such as air freight, sea freight, express delivery, rail transport and trucking.
Can we make custom Gan Usb C Charger?
Yes, we support custom logo, package, spec label and more.
What is the warranty of your Gan Usb C Charger?
The warranty of our charger is one year.
Can you offer the certifications for our Gan Usb C Charger?
We make some regular charger certificates every year. If you have special certification needs, we can assist you with fast processing.
What’s your company Name?
Shenzhen ZONSAN Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd
How can I get a catalog of you GaN usb c charger?
Please contact us and our sales will send a newest catalog to you.
Do you have your own retail brand of chargers?
No. ZONSAN only focus on OEM/ODM. We don't want to be a competitor to our customers on the retail side.
Can I get a free sample?
If you require samples for quality checks, you should pay for the samples. After bulk order confirmed, the sample fee can be returned to you.
Does your product have the certificate that match my market?
Most of our wall/desktop charger have passed CE, ETL, FCC, CB, UL,Rohs, etc. If you have special certification needs, we are also available to assist you with certification.
Which production technologies do you employ?
Plug-in, wave-soldering, Ultrasonic assembly
Can you offer cable for our Gan Usb C Charger?
We do not provide cable. However, if you have a need for a charger you can contact our sales to assist in purchasing on your behalf.