One Stop Customized 45W GaN Charger Manufacturers in China

ZONSAN was founded in 2009 and has over 10 years of experience in GaN charger development and design. Currently our main GaN chargers are GaN 30W charger, GaN 45W charger, GaN 65W charger, GaN 100W charger, GaN 140W charger, GaN 240W charger.

We are an OEM charger factory and have not developed our own retail brand. This is one of the important advantages that we have to serve many customers.

ZONSAN has passed several quality management systems, including ISO9001, BSCI and ICS. Also, our GaN chargers have passed several certifications, including CE, KC, CB, FCC, ROHS, etc.

If you want to start customizing GaN 45w chargers with your brand, please contact us in time.

One Stop Customized 45W GaN Charger Manufacturers in China


Strict Quality Control Process for Your Custom 45W GaN Charger

Strict Quality Control Process for Your Custom 45W GaN Charger

Our entire production and quality control process is in strict compliance with the ISO9001/ICS/BSCI quality management system.

Currently there are more than 10 nodes regarding quality control, including incoming material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, multi-protocol testing, load testing, aging testing, appearance testing, etc.

At the same time, we have enough advanced equipment to support your GaN charger production and quality control, including ATE test system, ultrasonic equipment, multi-protocol intelligent load meter, etc.

If you want to know more about our QC and production strength, you can also click "learn more" for more information.
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Why Choose ZONSAN & What ZONSAN Can Do For You?

Why Choose ZONSAN?

1. Passed ISO9001/ICS/BSCI quality management system
2. Passed various product certifications including KC/CB/CE/FCC/ROHS
3. Strong R&D team and strict quality control and production process
4. Focusing only on chargers. Provide a variety of chargers from 5w-240w
5. More than 500 satisfied customers from from all over the world.
6. 7*24 hours service

What ZONSAN Can Do For You?

1. Customized logo: Support silk printing and laser engranving
2. Customized color box and carton
3. Customized charger specification labels
4. We can assist in the procurement of third-party data cables and quality control of data cables. And complete the packaging of the charger and data cable.
5. Charger ID design
6. Customized charger specifications

Custom pd 45w gan charger

How to Custom Your 45W GaN Charger?

45w pd charger factory


1. MOQ of Customization: 1000pcs

2. If you look for a original PD GaN 45w charger factory, please contact us right now!

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How many production positions are in the factory?
All process are divided into four parts
A)Materials: Buying raw materials, incoming materials inspection, material processing, processing inspection, plug-in, plug-in inspection,
B)PCBA:tin immersion,tin immersion inspection,soldering ,soldering inspection,first test,assembly
C)Semi-finished product:Electrical test, aging, safety test
D)Finished product:appearance,final comprehensive test,packing,inspection,warehousing,shipment
What equipment do you have in production?
Forming machine, wave soldering, dip soldering clamp, hydrometer, test frame, load meter oscilloscope, aging frame, withstand voltage meter, electronic load voltage regulator, comprehensive tester, voltage regulator and other equipment
What is your production area?(in m2)
Did you define strategies for possible productions stops?
Did you Implement Risk Management?
Can you offer the certifications for our 45w GaN charger?
We make some regular charger certificates every year. If you have special certification needs, we can assist you with fast processing.
What is your MOQ of wholesale 45w GaN charger?
Our MOQ of customization is 1000 pcs. But the sample MOQ can be one.
How to ship my custom 45w GaN charger?
The logistics companies we work with are strong. Currently, depending on your destination and order, we are able to provide options such as air freight, sea freight, express delivery, rail transport and trucking.
Can we make custom 45w GaN charger?
Yes, we support custom logo, package, spec label and more.
Can you offer cable for our 45w GaN charger?
We do not provide cable. However, if you have a need for a charger you can contact our sales to assist in purchasing on your behalf.
What is the warranty of your 45w GaN charger?
The warranty of our charger is one year.
Do you have a process for contract review in sales or feasibility?