One Stop Customized PD 18W Charger Factory

ZONSAN is a leading wholesale wall/desktop charger manufacturer in China, boasting more than a decade of experience in charger manufacturing and R&D. Our extensive product line includes a vast array of charger models, such as 18w pd chargers, 20w pd chargers, 65w pd chargers, 240w pd chargers, and more.

All our wall/desktop chargers have received CE, FCC, KC, FCC, CB, and ROHS certificates, while our factory has been certified with the ICS/BSCI/ISO9001 quality management system. Our skilled R&D team is proficient in structure design, circuit design, appearance design, and can collaborate with you to perfect your custom iPhone charger.

We guarantee 100% on-time delivery for your bulk charger orders.
One Stop Customized PD 18W Charger Factory

Your Custom Pd 18W Charger

ZONSAN is a professional custom charger factory that can help you create a charger tailored to your specific needs. We offer a variety of customization options, including logos, packaging, labels, and parameters, so you can create a product that truly represents your brand. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your custom charger meets your exact specifications. Trust ZONSAN to deliver high-quality, reliable chargers that are as unique as your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options!
Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom Pd 18W Charger

Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom Pd 18W Charger

Our equipment includes ATE test system, multi-channel data logger, multi-protocol intelligent load meter, DC electronic load and more, which allows us to rigorously test and verify the performance of all your custom 18W PD charger.

We have strict testing process in place before shipment, including incoming inspection, aging test, HI-POT test, multi-protocol load testing, appearance inspection and more. This is an important reason why we are able to help keep the defective rate of our products below 2‰.

We believe that our adherence to the ISO9001/ICS/BSCI standard is a key differentiator for us, and enables us to maintain our position as a leader in our industry.
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Why Choose ZONSAN & What ZONSAN Can Do For You?

Why Choose ZONSAN?

1. Passed ICS/ISO9001/BSCI quality management system
2. Passed various product certifications including KC/CB/CE/FCC/ROHS
3. Strong R&D team and strict quality control and production process
4. Focusing only on chargers. Provide a variety of chargers from 5w-240w
5. Over 500 satisfied customers from from all over the world.
6. 7*24 hours service

What ZONSAN Can Do For You?

1. Customized logo: Support silk printing and laser engranving
2. Customized color box and carton
3. Customized charger specification labels
4. We can assist in the procurement of third-party data cables and quality control of data cables. And complete the packaging of the charger and data cable.
5. Charger ID design
6. Customized charger specifications

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How to Custom Your 18W PD Charger?



1. MOQ of Customization: 1000pcs

2. If you are looking for a 18W PD charger supplier, please contact us right now!

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What is your MOQ of wholesale PD 18W charger?
Our MOQ of customization is 1000 pcs. But the sample MOQ can be one.
How to ship my custom PD 18W charger?
The logistics companies we work with are strong. Currently, depending on your destination and order, we are able to provide options such as air freight, sea freight, express delivery, rail transport and trucking.
Can we make custom PD 18W charger?
Yes, we support custom logo, package, spec label and more.
Can you offer cable for our PD 18W charger?
We do not provide cable. However, if you have a need for a charger you can contact our sales to assist in purchasing on your behalf.
What is the warranty of your PD 18W charger?
The warranty of our charger is one year.
How long is the product warranty?
Usually 12 months. Long-term customers can negotiate the duration of the warranty.
Can you offer the certifications for our PD 18W charger?
We make some regular charger certificates every year. If you have special certification needs, we can assist you with fast processing.
What is the main product of your company ?
Type-c PD charger, QC quick charger, desktop charger, GaN charger, power strip, etc.
How many employees are in your factory?
Over 150 Employees.
Do you have your own retail brand of chargers?
No. ZONSAN only focus on OEM/ODM. We don't want to be a competitor to our customers on the retail side.
What is fast charger IC chip brand?
Injoinic, Weltrend, Navitas, Power Integration, Innoscience
Can I get a free sample?
If you require samples for quality checks, you should pay for the samples. After bulk order confirmed, the sample fee can be returned to you.
What equipment do you have in production?
Forming machine, wave soldering, dip soldering clamp, hydrometer, test frame, load meter oscilloscope, aging frame, withstand voltage meter, electronic load voltage regulator, comprehensive tester, voltage regulator and other equipment
What’s your standard and process for key SKDs like PCB board?
The standard is GB2828.1-2003 with sampling level Ⅱ with AQL:CR 0, MA 0.25, MI 1.5.
The test content include package, appearance, structure and size, electrical properties, tin test, copper adhesion, fireproof test per the IQC SPI file.