One Stop Custom 35W Charger Factory

ZONSAN, a leading charger foundry established in 2009, has over 150 employees and a factory spanning 5,000 square meters, with a daily production capacity of over 10,000 chargers. The company has a strong emphasis on charger production and extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, which have made it one of the industry's top manufacturers.

With a development speed of at least 10 new products per year, ZONSAN offers over 100 different types of chargers, including multi-port chargers, power strips, USB chargers and more. The chargers produced by zonsan cover 5W-240W, including Apple 35W Dual Charger,Samsung Charger 35W, 35W Usb C Charger and more.

ZONSAN has passed CE, FCC, CCC, UKCA, REACH, RoHS, KC and more certifications, as well as the capability to help customers with other certification needs.

With a team of 10 experienced engineers, ZONSAN can provide your with custom 35w charger that are designed to meet your needs.
One Stop Custom 35W Charger Factory

Your Best 35W Charger OEM/ODM

ZONSAN is a professional OEM/ODM 35W Charger manufacturer that offers customization options for logos, packaging, parameter labels, and charger specifications. Our advantage lies in our ability to tailor our products to meet the specific needs and branding requirements of our customers. We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the reliability and safety of our chargers. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and competitive pricing makes us a top choice for businesses seeking reliable and customizable charging solutions.
Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom 35W Charger

Strict Quality Control Of Your Custom 35W Charger

ZONSAN conducts repair welding inspections, appearance inspections, integrated electrical performance tests, sampling inspections and more to ensure that your custom 35w chargers are safe, reliable, and meet customer requirements.

ZONSAN's certification for ISO 9001/ICS/BSCI quality management systems provides a competitive advantage by demonstrating its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

ZONSAN's production process records are used to identify any deviations from standard procedures and take corrective action as needed.
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How To Custom Your 35W Charger?

custom 35w CHARGER


1. MOQ of Customization: 1000pcs

2. If you are looking for a 35w charger supplier, please contact us right now!

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Can you offer the certifications for our 35w Charger?
We make some regular charger certificates every year. If you have special certification needs, we can assist you with fast processing.
What is the warranty of your 35w Charger?
The warranty of our charger is one year.
Can you offer cable for our 35w Charger?
We do not provide cable. However, if you have a need for a charger you can contact our sales to assist in purchasing on your behalf.
Can we make custom 35w Charger?
Yes, we support custom logo, package, spec label and more.
How to ship my custom 35w Charger?
The logistics companies we work with are strong. Currently, depending on your destination and order, we are able to provide options such as air freight, sea freight, express delivery, rail transport and trucking.
What is your MOQ of wholesale 35w Charger?
Our MOQ of customization is 1000 pcs. But the sample MOQ can be one.